The importance of offering the highest quality caskets and supplies, moreover to assist funeral homes orchestrate excellent funeral services—significantly marking the legacy of a families’ love one—extends far beyond measure at Broadnax Casket Company.

Since 1986, Broadnax Casket Company has provided supreme caskets, superb customer service, and additional valuable merchandise for funeral homes.  With the detailed attention a small family based business can offer, our customers gain an advantageous position of being able to extend ‘added value’ to families because of savings we can provide as a small firm.  In addition, our U.S. manufactured old-world craftsmanship, limitless paint combinations, and an assortment of hardware designs, accommodate the need for vast styles, all combined with our quality standard.  Ultimately, our pillars—commitment, quality, integrity, and tradition--ensure we achieve goals reflective of the compassionately strong relationships built between funeral homes and families.